Please do you have a bit of space to care for an abandoned animal? we currently have over30 dogs in kennels they need love and have known love. We will pay for everything and give full support. Call   676558432

We have now been in operation for five years (as of May 2015)We have homed some 600 dogs in many parts of europeWe currently have 30 dogs looking for homes. We are spending an average 2500€ a month on veterinary fees and caring for the dogs.


Hondon Valley Animal Rescue (HOVAR) is a non-profit making voluntary organisation that aims to offer help and advice and seek foster or permanent homes for abandoned and mistreated animals in and around the Aspe, La Romana and Hondon areas. 


COULD YOU FOSTER A DOG. Our main HOVAR kennels at Jacquies is now limited to twenty dogs so we are desperate for fosterers to enable us to continue to provide a service in our area. Fostering is one of our most important functions. When we get that call or spot that animal in distress yes we can go and get it and take it to the vets BUT what after?  

The Role of the Fosterer....

We always need people to foster our animals whilst we try and find them permanent homes.  We are pleased to accept Fosterers from within our area or within a reasonable distance of it. This is a most vital part of our work and a most rewarding experience to be able to offer a caring home to our animals.

Our commitment to you.

We will never foster a dog that we do not believe we can home due to the animal’s condition or temperament

We will remove the animal should you find you cannot manage it for any reason.

We will make other arrangements when you need to be away for a period of time.  This can be someone calling at your property to feed them etc. Or they can be taken somewhere else during your absence.

We will offer help and support should it be needed.

We will pay all costs you incur pertaining to the care of the animal

Your commitment to us.

To provide a caring environment for the animal whilst in your care.

To make the animal available for viewing by any prospective owner and your liaison officer  from HoVAR.

To use only our contracted Vet i.e. Clinica Salvador in Novelda for serious matters needing x rays. or Rebecca in Hondon Frailies (A record is maintained in the animals name under our account so no payment required) Unless an emergency please speak to us before attending the vets unless routine vaccination


We need more donations please help by popping over to PAYPAL.
  • we have between 25 and 40 dogs in our care at any one time
  • We have average monthly bills of 2500 euros
  • we can bring any of our animals to the UK, Beligum, Germany, France, Holland etc

 Registered as a charity in Valencia. re. no. CV-01-046410-A 

The Shop
 The shop is now open beside the fountain in Nieves. We really need more donations of saleable item. We can collect anything including furniture and the like.If you have any items to collect for the shop call Colin 649042388
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