We are a non-profit making voluntary organisation that aims to offer help and advice and seek foster or permanent homes for abandoned, unwanted and maltreated animals in and around the Hondon Valley
Our volunteers will always pick up animals where they have been caught , 
and take them to our vets for an initial check and health report. We will always check for a microchip and after this the animal will be checked for disease and health issues. 
Wherever possible we seek to put the animals in temporary foster homes until through advertising, promotions and word of mouth we find a permanent home for the animal. 
Where we cannot find a foster bed or permanent home we seek to take the animal to a commercial kennel until we are able to home.
Unfortunately we are unable to pick up animals being maltreated or living in poor conditions when they are on private property. The law in Spain says that if the animal has access to food and water and shelter there is no law being broken. Where these things are not apparent the Guardia Civil can be called. You can also seek to Denounce the owners of the animal but we are not able to trespass in order to get the animal.