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  1. A victim of the volcanic ash. I didnt get away today. Sunday now. Still not to waste time went with Sam to look at 2 dogs, she says they are Hungarian somethings.  Very thin and wandering in Frailies. Now in somebodys garden. Probably been used as hunting dogs. I will take them to vets tomorrow. Went up to see Rufus, he was pleased to see me and is doing ok in his new pound.  Still trying to find home for puppy.

  2. I am away for a week to UK so took Rufus over to La Canalosa where someone has given us use of 2 large pens so he can stay there for now at least. Spoke to lady fostering Pepe. He is doing very well, socialising more and less afraid of everything so good news there.  Sam has homed at least on trial basis Tyson our big alsation. If all goes well he will have a permanent home.  Good result as it is more difficult to find places for the big dogs.

  3. Sam and I went up to a village near Calpe to take Chica to her new home. Nice people and used to dogs. I think she will settle well after she recovers from her seperation from Sam.  Went to Bar Pepin in Frailies tonight to collect our embroided jackets. Lovely and hopefully last years and home a lot of dogs.  Took pup Sally to see if I could home her.  One lady very interested but will speak with hubby. Fingers crossed.

  4. Took Pepe to a new fosterer in Frailies.  We have had him a few weeks now but still very timid.  The new people are able to let him run in the garden and mix with their dogs and go to people when he feels secure.  He certainly seemed happier when I left him so heres hoping he gets some confidence.  Sam and I taking a dog up to Caple area tomorrow.

  5. Call this morning about 2 puppies, yet more alsations. One of our helpers agreed to collect and take to some kennels for a night till we see what we can do with them.  Didnt get away to Calpe but Sam is going tomorrow.
    Pup is fine and going on the web site as looking for a home. Quiet day so caught up with some gardening jobs.