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  1. Thank you to everyone who supported the Hondon Valley Animal Rescue coffee morning today, we raised a fantastic 210.80 euro. Thanks to Rita at Destinys in Nieves for use of facilties. The final total from last Sundays Dog Show was 637 euro. We have had great support and wish to welcome the new members who joined us this week. Please keep on supporting us and if you are interested in helping out for a morning in our shop please contact us. As always we welcome new foster carers, adoptees and helpers.





  2. 20160515_105805

    HOVAR Dog Show had a very good turnout of dogs and owners! The weather was kind not too hot with a little cloud, ideal for the dogs. Tony Dengate amused the audience with his wit and presentation of the show. A raffle completed the afternoon. 

    The winners were: 

    Class 1 Best Big Dog , 1st Banjo, 2nd Alfie, 3rd Bailey

    Class 2 Best Dog under 20kg 1st Duque,2nd Boycie 3rd Chica and Pepa jointly.

    Class 3 Best Dog under 4yrs 1st Bonnie 2nd Clyde 3rd Boycie

    Class 4 best dog over 4yrs 1st Bailey 2nd Duque 3rd Chica

    Class 5 best pedigree 1st Brandy 2nd Branden 3rdDuque

    Class 6 best Crossbred 1st Boycie 2nd Reggy 3rd Polly 

    Class 7 best rescue dog  1st Polly 2nd Brodie 3rd Alfie

    Class 8 best Hovar rescue 1st Milli 2nd Branden 3rd Bracken

    Class 9 Obedience 1st Lynch 2nd Reggy 3rd Chica

    Best dog in show. Millie

    We would thank Colin and Lynn for hosting the show and doing the food with other volunteers, the wonderful judge Julia Bateman with her husband Mike.

    Thanks also to our sponsors of the classes, Buena Vida Restaurant , El Valle Nuevo bar restaurant, Destiny's bar, Celebration Cards, Tiaras and Gowns, Simons Autos in memory of Petrol & Diesel, John & Anne Shaul, Sonia & Steve Munn, Rita & Graham Hall, Carol & Grahame Sellers.

    The total raised was 637 euro and a good time was had by all!