Colin 7th April

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Busy day today. Lynne and I were just setting off for Fortuna when I received a phone call from a lady in La Romana who had found a puppy in the road. It appeared injured and bleeding from its rear end. We collected and dashed off to the vets.  The poor thing was smothered in ticks and fleas.  How so many ticks could get into a puppies ears I dont know. Salvador quickly established that the dog had not been hit by a car but was suffering an infection caused by the ticks. It had simply collapsed.  He gave it drugs and put it on a drip and told us to come back in the evening to see if the puppy survived. He also sprayed it, fleas and ticks were dropping of within seconds Then of to Fortuna to see a lady who gave us some things for car boot or raffles.  She is busy building some kennels and has offered us free space for some dogs. Lovely people and so generous.  Its a fair run out there but maybe will take up her offer if and when we have urgent need.  People like this really make you realise there are plenty of caring souls around.  Back home to pick up Coco and take her to a lady in La Canolosa who is fostering her for a while.  After 3 weeks with me she has really improved in behaviour and apperance so hope she settles in new home.  Then off back to vets to see puppy.  Still very weak but surviving. No guarantee of getting through it but we have brought her home with 2 lots of pills and special food. Still ears full of ticks but they are dead so good clean up required tomorrow. Take her back on Saturday to see how she is. Rufus in the old chicken pen doing well and loves his walks. We have arranged our first fund raising event (see events page)

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