Colin 23rd April

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Some kind of record today.  I got called out to two alsation X puppies that had been dumped in somebodies garden.  Picked them up, about 3 months old, and took them home.  One of my friends was there to look at Sally with a view to taking her.  When she and her little girl saw the two I had just picked up!  Well she is fostering them with a view to maybe keeping them if all is well with her other dogs.  Picked up and fostered in half an hour.  Lynne (my wife) has been busy all day preparing the posters and tickets for two of our forthcoming events (See events page) Bless her she likes doing that kind of thing.  Going to pick up 2 puppies we have at kennels at Albatera. They were supposed to be there a couple of days. Turned into a couple of weeks and cost us money we dont have. Hopefully someone is fostering tthem tomorrow (Waiting to hear) otherwise it might have to be the pound.  Thinking of doing car boot on Sunday, got to be better than last week surely. New one out between Alguena and Pinoso. See what weather is like.

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