Colin 26th April

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Sad day today.  A lady has been hand rearing 4 puppies from a day or so old. They were found at the side of the bin in Frailies. They have reached about 7 weeks old and contracted Distemper.  They had to be put down this morning.  The lady is very upset. Such a shame.  I had a call from the lady looking after the 2 puppies we were landed with, supposed to be for one night and 2 weeks  later they are ill with sickness and Diarohea.  I have to go get them tomorrow and to the vets.  We had a meeting today to discuss finances, future events and dogs in our care. Finances are desperate but 3 events organised so hopefully things are on the up. When brushing Rufus today found he had a big bald patch on his chest.  Off to the vets. Looks like dermititus so hes on anti biotics.  Sally has had first injections today. 2 weeks before the next one thats for Distemper so she still has to stay in of course.

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