Colin 28th April

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2 puppies I collected  yesterday because they were ill and took to the vets. I had to give them further injections and they are on tablets.  They spent the night in my potting shed.  The lady who had them has taken them back at least till the tablets are finished then we shall have to make a decision what to with them.  Picked up a small black scruffy terrier dog today from the Solana area.  Off to vets, no chip of course. A friendly timid little dog. With a fosterer for now.  Will appeal I think and find a home OK.  Collected the vets bill. He really does the best he can for us. I know some of the things he has done are not on the bill.  He doesnt chase us for payment and will wait until we have the money. A lovely man who really cares about the animals and is as angry about the way some dogs are treated as we are. Touch wood at the moment I have no doggy tasks for tomorrow.  I need the time, the garden calls.

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