Colin 2nd May

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Did car boot this morning at Salinas. Not the most enjoyable event. When a vehicle arrives it is immediately surrounded by at least 20 Moroccan gentlemen who are all attempting to look and touch what you have in the vehicle.  Most off putting.  Then throughout the morning they are pestering trying to buy things at silly prices ie You ask for 10, they offer 2 etc. Makes it very annoying.  However I stuck it out and did well 80E.  Would love to rent premises one day to run as a charity shop.  Will need a good amount in the bank first just in case it doesnt do well etc.  Need new articles for selling so will put the word out.  Many thanks to those of you who have given a lot of good stuff.  Also thanks to Paula and John for their help at the stall on Friday.  People went to walk with Coco today and all went well. They are going to adopt her.

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