Colin 6th May

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Last night was our fun night at Finca Rotez.  Dut to an adminastrive error! we thought we had sold 47 tickets (The maximum) but had in fact only sold 37. It is really remarkable therefore that we raised 600 euros. Thats 16 euros on average per person + the 9 for the mael so 25 each in these times is very good indeed. Thanks to all who attended, to Martin who had his hair shaved off and raised 200e, to Dave who shaved him. To the staff who provided a lovely meal and all who helped make it a good and enjoyable night.  Now for the next one.  3 dogs collected today, Sam has 2 to foster but only one place available so one will have to go to the pound in the morning I think. The one I picked up was found by a lady in Aspe. It was laying in the doorway of a resteraunt. It is a Shitzu? in a very poor state, bald patches, sores on its legs etc.  Blood taken to see if it has leishmania. Also vomiting so injected to try and stop it. It doesnt look good at this time. Caked in mud as well, looks like it has been tied up and been laying in mud. I am about to clean it up. Good news is one of the dogs we are trying to home from the 7 left following the owners death has been adopted.

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