Colin 10th May

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Well the day started well with gardening etc. All change at lunchtime when I got a call about a lady who had seen a man stop his car take out 2 dogs and drive away leaving them at the side of the road.  The lady managed to catch them. Just about to finish lunch and get changed when another lady called. She had just found 2 dogs , one a Spaniel in a poor way.  I called Paula out. As luck would have it both calls were in the same area.  The first 2 dogs were young but not puppies. Well nourished and lively but one had like a large boil at the bottom of each eye.  On to the two other dogs.  I have never seen anything like the Spaniel.  It had so much matted hair its ears were trailing on the ground, Its legs were in the same state. Ticks around its backside etc. Both ears with no fur on outside and covered in sores. The other small brown dog was in good shape except for marks round its neck where it had been tied up.  We had to make decisions as to what to do with them.  Only one pen at Mariannes available. So the dogs requiring vet treatment had to have that.  Paula took the 2 well dogs to the Elda sanctuary and I took the 2 ill ones to the vets.  The one with the eye problem needs surgery and will go on Thursday (about 150e but no one would give him a home looking like that) The Spaniel had to have all his fur off before they could access him.  So I have just got back from another trip there. May have Leishmania, blood test done, he looks better without all the hair but his raw ears are nasty. Results on Wednesday for him. Both together at Mariannes, bless her I say.  We have arranged a fun night at San Fran rest in La Romana for 25th June.  Hope we can mobalise some support from this end. So far its been Frailies are who have come up trumps so heres hoping for Nieves and La Romana to support us.
Rex\\\\Hard to describe even with help of picture

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