The life of a dog rescuer!

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Well there is no peace. On my way back from Solana with Linda (from Finca Rotez) and in the middle of the main road a gorgeous small boy covered in ticks with a car stopped by him. The car happened to be Paula who works with us and she was on the way to the vet and saw him. Well 30mins later with more help still couldn't get him. Got him off the road but he was too scared. All late for where we needed to be but what can you do!!!

Colin off to get a big white dog from Sandra today who was running around Frailos for days goodness only knows what we can do with him. ELDA the lovely sanctuary is so over-run they cannot cope and are getting infections there which are killing dogs. It is a dire time for the animals. 

Took a call this morning from a lady in tears about a little spaniel covered in ticks so thin who was trying to get food. The dog is out of our area but there is nobody who will help. Paula going to see what she can do but with limited people to help, limited places to put the dogs and limited funds it is hard to accept animals outside of our area. It is also hard to say no as it is a dog in distress and that is what we are about. The government in Spain need to do more about this situation. 

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