Colin 12th May

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It started early today with a phone call at 0930 from the people who are fostering Rex, the spaniel from yesterday.  He was bleeding heavily from his nose. I took him straight to the vets. Salvador had received the blood results and of course Rex has Leishmania. The bleeding nose one of the classic symptoms of the disease.  However his kidneys and liver were not yet affected so treatment is possible at a price. (200e) for 10 days oral medicine and 2 lots of tablets. He has about 70% chance of survival. We have to try so treatment has begun. he is at my house living in the potting shed as we have no one able to take him at this time where he can be alone as  he needs to rest.  Time will tell. Picked another dog up from Frailies, in good health and to check for a chip in the morning. He has replaced Rex at the fosterers house. Had an offer from alady today to do pick ups and running around. We need about 6 people so I can do a rosta. First dog to be homed through the Belgium website. Sally is going to live with a vet in Luxemburg. Just been out to Rex, poor lad is bleeding again. Salvador gave him an injection to stop it but said it would happen again.

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