Colin 13th May

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The sad news first.  We had a doberman that was found semi blind and with Leishmania. It has been nursed back to a good state of health over about 3 months by a caring couple.  Last night it killed one of their dogs. Everyone concerned, the coupe and Sam are of course very upset but all agreed the dog had to be put to sleep.  We cannot and would not try and rehome a dog after an event like that so tonight I had the sad task of taking it to the vets.  On a brighter note the little terrier with the bad eyes (Whiskey) has had his operation and returned to his fosterer with eye drops. He should make a full recovery and be on the web site tomorrow. The Spaniel in my shed has eaten well today so hopefully a good sign the treatment is having an effect. We had a good donation to the car boot stock. Some nice items.  I will be selling at the PAPAS table top sale in their cafe premises in the market square in Pinoso on Sunday. Start time 10 am. My father in law has given us a E200 donation, bless him.

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