Colin 19th May

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Picked the two dogs up this morning from the man who had to be out of his house by 1200.  He was obviously upset as we all would be at having to say goodbye to dogs he has had for a long time.  Took them to the pen at the back of someones house up near La Canelosa. We visit regular to make sure they are OK.  Lady turned up at my gate this evening with a great Dane who she had found on the Hondon Road.  he had the largest absess I have ever seen. Like half a football on his neck and face.  Off to the vet, he did'nt like getting in the van, took 3 of us to get him in.  Vet anced the swelling and took about half a litre out of it.  Then I had to leave him as they had to carry out  a monor op to put drains in. Picked him up again at 8pm.  The wound is left open so a steady drip from the abcess.  Terrie has made her kennel  avialable to him.  Back to the vets on Monday to see how he is.  On anti biotics until then.  A heavy pay day at the vets this month and its only half way through.  Went to the auction at Barbarroja to try help Sam sell more tickets for Friday.  Sold a few but need all we can get this time.

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