Colin 22nd May

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Good night last night, 59 people so raised 295E at the disco. Thanks to David and Pauline who supplied the disco for us at no charge.  I think the bar was happy selling plenty of food and drink.  The dog in the shed has had 2 more bleeding nose sessions but apart from that seems more interested in life so is now wandering the estate and spending time with Rufus in his run. The Great Dane continues to lose Puss from his abcess, is eating well, sleeping all day and needs a walk from Terrie at night. A great big baby really.  Whiskey seems fully recovered from his eye operation and keen for a new home. One of the dogs we took from the evicted man last week has a few suspicious marks on him so I will take him to Vets next week for a Leishmania blood test so hes not on the website yet.

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