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The situation regarding recent events has become almosy hysterical.  HOVAR made the decision not to go ahead and try to licence JP's premises because we have concerns re her long term ability to care for our dogs. Not her desire nor her competence are in question. Anyone following her facebook page must be aware of her health issues. JP also made us aware some time ago of other health matters facing her in the long term. We felt that sinking further large amounts of money into the premises was a risk. We cannot always make 'popular' decisions with our very limited funds. There was never and never would be any suggestion as some people seem to think that we would abandon, neglect, etc the dogs we have at her premises. The funding for them is never in doubt. We pay every vet bill, all the food and anything else required to care for our dogs. Of course JP has many of her own animals so we dont dispute her right to appeal for help with them BUT the HOVAR dogs need no help.  We always accepted that one person could not do all that was needed to care for the dogs. That is why we agreed to pay Roy 450e a month to allow him to work one day a week  and spend the other days with the kennels. We accept that this is not a large amount of money but JP and Roy readily stated they could manage with this arrangement. We have always and will continue to honour that arrangement.  We made the decision not to persue the licence business in good faith. However following an emergency committee meeting and in view of JP'S assurances re her health we have reconsidered. IWe have sent JP a proposal that we will pay for the architect as a result of which we should be able to get some firm figures on costs. If this results in a feasable price we will go ahead with it or at least pay what we can. If the price is beyond us then we will have to reasess the situation. Might I add that JP was given the same agreement many months ago but we were never given any further information except her being told by somebody that if she had all the dogs put into her name then they would always be safe and could not be removed. We therefore agreed at considerable cost that this should be done. This whole issue has only become such a major one since an acrimonius committee meeting a few weeks ago. When setting up HOVAR five years ago we went to seek advice as it was always Colins ambition to have our own kennels. We were told by Laurie who had set up the PAPAS rescue in Pinoso that he had explored that issue and had been told it would be at least 200,000 e to do from start to finish. The licence alone he said was 35,000e. Of course we dropped any idea of having our own kennels.  No small rescues to my knowledge have licenced premises as it is beyond us. JP like many others has more than five animals. As she has said on many occasions her neighbours are fine and do not have any problems. We all know that the authorities will only act if they receive complaints. Even then as has been proved on a couple of occasions they will give the premises ample time to rehome the animals elsewhere so this idea circulating that the Guardia are going to swoop and take every animal away is not right.  In the unlikely event there were problems we would and could and will and can take all our dogs away so they are in no danger at all. So yes we are going to see if the licence business is feasable (If JP agrees of course) but even if it never happens our dogs will always be safe. As for future dogs then at the moment the Kennels at JP's are full and homing is very slow at the moment and my big plea for fosterers made recently I am afraid fell on deaf ears as usual but we will carry on. Please, please dont rush to judge us. We are all volunteers doing our best. JP and Roy have fallen out with us over really pesonal matters as much as anything but I have offered twice in recent days to speak and discuss with JP but she has at this time refused. I hope things can improve for all our sakes. I have been implored by many people in the last few days to keep going. When reading some of the comments made on JP's facebook I and the other committee members appear to be the most unfeeling, egotistic scumbags going. Some or maybe all these comments are from people I have never met and are based solely on JP's accounts. Please we are not bad people, we are good people trying to make adifference but we are volunteers and there is only so much abuse we can take.

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  1. Dorte Peter

    Hi Colin, Everyone at Hovar is doing an amazing job and it is very sad that some of JPs supporters stooped so low as to insult you and John in such a vile and public way. It always surprises me how people think they can talk the way they do online. Please try not to let it get to you although I agree that that is easier said than done. Someone suggested to publish minutes from meetings. I don't think they should be made public but perhaps they could be emailed to members but only if that doesn't involve a huge administrative burden as you have enough to deal with already. I love JPs and Roy's commitment and dedication to the dogs but I do wish she had not fired off her posts in anger. That just harms everyone. And without you Colin, John and all the others Hovar wouldn't exist. Thinking of you all xxx

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  2. Len Ridgway

    It would be good to hear from someone like Brigitte at Dogs at Large https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dogs-at-Large/349751288377487?fref=ts or http://www.dogsatlarge.es/ as to her opinion on the license costs seeing as hers is a registered chariry costs quoted sound excessive.

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  3. Wendy Dengate

    Well done committee, your commitment and intentions are without question. These issues come up regularly over the years and I am always amazed at the extent of individuals egos who seem to want to destroy all the good work that has been done and without doubt the progress that has been made.

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  4. Nancy

    Hi Colin , volunteers will come and go , Hopefully Hovar will be there forever xxx

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  5. sam

    Well done HOVAR keep up the very difficult work you do. HOVAR is never one person!!

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