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As promised this note is an update to keep HOVAR supporters aware of the actions the committee is taking regarding the licensing of the HOVAR kennels.  This note clarifies one or two points that are not at issue, provides some background to the current situation and sets out what HOVAR are proposing as the way forward regarding the kennel license.


From various emails and other posts on social media there seems to have been some confusion regarding the HOVAR committee position on some basic points.  For avoidance of doubt we would like to make clear that we think Jacquie and Roy do a fantastic job at the kennels.  Additionally everyone on the committee wants to see the HOVAR kennels appropriately licensed for the purposes of animal rescue.  The point that is at issue is how we move forward attaining those licenses and the rest of this note sets out the background that HOVAR has proposed to resolve the issues which Jacquie has raised via her face book page.


  1. The HOVAR kennels were constructed and the dogs re-housed prior to obtaining all of the licenses required to operate a rescue kennels.  At the time it was essential to re-home the dogs and, as ever, the welfare of the animals was the primary concern.
  2. All of the HOVAR committee, Jaquie included, were fully aware and supportive of this decision.
  3. The issue of licensing was discussed at a HOVAR meeting in January 2014 and Jacquie was given the task of getting the ball rolling on licensing.
  4. The task to get the licenses was not progressed and remained outstanding 16 months later when Jacquie resigned from the HOVAR committee in May 2015. (The legal status of the kennels was not a concern by Jacquie or anyone else at any HOVAR meeting during that 16 month period.)
  5. Since her resignation from HOVAR Jacquie has chosen to make licensing of the kennels a major issue.
  6. The HOVAR committee would of course like to see the kennels appropriately licensed for animal rescue.  However, as you may be aware and for reasons unclear to us, Jacquie and Roy have engaged a solicitor and have been advised not to communicate with HOVAR.  This makes it difficult to progress the process as quickly as we would like.  (The first step is a site survey requiring access to Roy and Jacquie’s land.)

HOVAR proposed way forward:

  1. The HOVAR committee have written to Jacquie and Roy requesting an architects report (to be paid by HOVAR) which is needed to get the ball rolling. As yet we have not received a decision, despite re requesting one. Clearly if Jacquie and Roy continue to refuse to discuss the matter with HOVAR it will be difficult to progress the issue but we are hopeful that they will agree to speak with us soon.


The HOVAR Committee.

Ps:  There has been some confusion caused by our use of the phrase “paid by HOVAR at commercial rates for the work that they do at the kennels” in our earlier post.  We are not suggesting that a commercial boarding kennel owner would charge so low a rate.  What is meant is that we believe the owners of a commercial kennel would pay their staff around the level HOVAR are paying Jacquie and Roy to do the daily cleaning out of the kennels.  (Remember that HOVAR paid for and own the kennels on Jacquie and Roy’s land.) Obviously Jacquie and Roy do far more than just clean out the kennels but the other activities such as time on dog re-homing, vet runs etc have always been understood to be their voluntary contribution to the HOVAR cause.  (We do not believe that Jacquie is asking to be paid for this voluntary work so, again, not an issue that is in dispute.) 

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