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I have no access to Jacquie Peters facebook page but am told what goes on. I despair of a lot on there but people will beleive what they want to beleive BUT an entry has been put on there by our old advesery Terrie Salone that is a out and out lie and very damaging to HOVAR I have asked her and Jacquie to remove it but no joy.  It states that HOVAR is responsible for telling and spreading lies about JP taking money for dogs and other matters she has been talking about. This is totally untrue. We have never said any such thing. I have challenged Terrie Salone to produce the evidence but nothing of course. I beleive someone somewhere in the facebook world has said something like that but that has not come from nor is supported by HOVAR. If any of you are able to access JP's facebook it would be a challenge to you to put this on! I know the large majority of her page followers will not see this but hopefully some people will.

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