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The ladies day at Finca Rotez today.  I went with some likely goods. Made  a total of 117e from sales and our share of the raffle. Took Rex as a dog needing a home. (Wasent going to but he leapt in the car as I was about to leave so i thought it might be an omen) 2 ladies expressed keen interest in homing him so we will wait and see if anything develops.  Promised some more car boot stuff and made some good contacts so all in all a good and worthwhile day.  Met some nice people and was glad to see some real interest.  Noticed today that Rufus has a injury to the back of his paw and he has bad diorreha (You know what I mean)  So he is off to the vet in the morning.  Sam is away tomorrow and me from Saturday so for a few days I am delighted to say that Terrie and Paula are running the show. 

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