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HOVAR open meeting at 7pm Bar Central Nieves Thursday 13th August. Anyone with an interest in the present and future of HOVAR is welcome.  The committee will answer questions that have and will be raised regarding the charity. Please note THIS IS NOT THE AGM.

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  1. Colin Buck

    Lisa. There were the three committee members present. There were 20 members among the audience. There were suggestions made and comments passed and Colin answered a lot of questions. The people who attended felt it was a worthwhile event. As so much information and misinformation has appeared on so may sites it at least meant that those people all heard the same information. it seemed all those present had the good of HOVAR at heart. We have an excellent candidate for treasurer and others thing about joining the committee. We anticipate a big turnout at the AGM when hopefully the emphasis will be on the future and everyone needs to put the past behind. It seems to me that nobody will gain from raking over what has happened. It is my life's experience that once people have nailed their colours to the mast they are not going to change. Those that are ardent supporters of all Jacquie says and does will not be persuaded by any other view. Those who think differently are likewise not going to be swayed so the parting of the ways is the only way forward.

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  2. Lisa South

    As a member of HOVAR I would like an EGM or AGM meeting where issues can be addressed where the relevant paperwork will be presented to back up what each party states. This will stop any lies, gossip or slanderous comments being made by anyone. The future of the association can be addressed and then move forward once and for all. Having an informal meeting, without the full committee and its members, serves no purpose as a way forward cannot be agreed and will only result in more slander and gossip and a one sided representation.

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  3. Malcolm

    As I'm sure Hovar is aware Terrie has placed a copy of the original association registration document, (which has not been updated with officebearers since Hovar's inception) on her Facebook page (copied to Jacquie's) along with a refusal by her and others to attend the meeting tonight as it is not an EGM. I believe Hovar would prefer to limit responses to their blog so...Whilst I agree that the committee probably should have been updated on this document I for one am happy to attend the scheduled meeting to hear Hovar's side. I feel sure that previous minutes of meetings would show the relevant office bearers at that time. If there are unanswered questions and if this results in further discussion at the AGM or the need for an EGM so be it. Everyone contributing to the many posts on this subject is an animal lover and boycotting a meeting where there is an open forum to discuss all issues does not seem to be an answer. If, like me, you have questions then take the opportunity for debate. Yes, maybe it should be an EGM but in the big scale of things is that really so important? It may or may not be constitutionally correct but I feel that it has been arranged in good faith and that's good enough for me. Hovar was set up by ordinary people who wanted to address the problem of abandoned and ill treated animals locally. Hovar cares for animals, why complicate this? Yes, they may have made mistakes administratively but they gave up their time and money in a genuine effort to make a change for the better and I believe they succeeded. I have never seen the need for at times very hurtful comments levied against committee members, they are not bad people. Why not attend and listen to the other side? Of course Jackie does great work and no one can question her devotion to animals and it is not my wish to fall out with anyone I just feel that after over 5 years in existence during which there were many happy times and fundraising events (and over 600 dogs were rehomed) Hovar does not deserve this witch hunt. They do deserve a chance to be heard and Bar Central is as good a place to start as any. See you tonight. Keep up the good work. PS It seems that the vast majority of comments have now been deleted from the Facebook post.

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  4. Steve Lane

    The point of the meeting as I see it is to educate people as to what's going on. It's very confused at the moment with so many conflicting stories. I personally hope Jacquie attends so she can put her side because to be honest at the moment I'm shocked at some of the things being said and done.

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  5. Terrie Salone

    This meeting is so close to the AGM .. so what is the intention of the meeting ?

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