Jacquie Peters leaves HOVAR

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From the 1st of August Jacquie Peters has made the decision to adopt all the HOVAR dogs in her care. At her suggestion HOVAR agreed to put all the dogs in her name several months ago.This means that she no longer wants any HOVAR support. Consequently all monies donated to her through her Barkinside pages for the dogs in care will not be HOVAR donations.

HOVAR still has dogs in foster with four other people, these are not affected and will of course continue to be supported by HOVAR.  We will continue to operate and ask for your continuing support and seek new foster homes.

The open meeting on 13th August will go ahead as there are still matters that have been raised in the last couple of months that we want to explain and of course answer any questions raised.  The future of the charity will also be discussed. We are aware that a lot of people who support us on a regular basis are not members but nevertheless have views that are important and we wish to hear them.                                                                      

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  1. Wendy Dengate

    Well let's hope all the snide comments from her now stops.

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