Colin 9th June

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Well back from visit to UK. A lot of activity in my absence . 7 dogs picked up.  Really no place to put them so all went to the property where the occupier lets us keep them. Some now with fosterer but just too many about.  Someone fostering 2 dogs cant keep them much longer so in real struggle at this time.  Really no alternative to taking some to the sanctuary. We havent homed a dog for at least a month. Working on ideas to try and be more proactive in finding homes.  Also spend 500e at vets to save a little dog who had major problems.  he had a blood transfusion direct from our great dane so we are working on a story for the papers. Might get homes for them from it.  Arranging next few fund raisers to replenish the bank. How do you decide what to do with a poorly dog?  Once you start treatment it just mounts up.  It takes a lot of soul searching.  We picked up a dog last night from Frailies. 2 dogs were running around the road. Cars slowing down to avoid them when some idiot overtook the cars and knocked down and killed one of the dogs. He didnt stop of course.  People who saw it were very upset but managed to catch the other dog. He wanted to stay with his mates body. Another in a small compound but efforts being made to find owner.  Had a flea collar so probably comes from around the garage area of Frailies.  Picked up a poorly cat this evening. To vets in the morning along with Rex who has grass seeds in his ears. Could be another expensive job as they have to be sedated to remove them. Oh dear!!

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