Colin 11th June

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Rex and a cat to the vets.  Grass seeds in Rex's ears making him very unhappy.  Vet managed to remove without anasthetic. Infected so on anti biotics but is a much happier boy now.  The cat had a broken shoulder that has healed without affecting his walking. Spiders in his ears and generally run down.  Him and his treatment now with a caring lady so if anybody wants a cat, about 2 years old!!!  Financial position dire, after all bills paid about 200e in the bank. we pray for a cheap month and good fundraising at the 2 events next weekend.  Had a 3 hour committee meeting today. Discussed many things of course. My idea for a monthly news letter was agreed BUT can only go ahead if its affordable.  I believe it is a very important stel so going to prepare a sample and get printing costs before we can go any further with it.  Sam is going to put all her efforts into advertising our group and dogs in as many ways as possible.  Myself, Terrie and Paula will do pick ups until further volunteers can be added to make a rota.  It has been suggested we should improve the quality of the food we give the dogs.  As the dogs seem to be with us for a long period now it was agreed we should do this. better quality biscuits to be purchased.

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