Colin 14th June

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Oh what a mixed day today.  Picked up a shitzu type dog yesterday, very thin, matted coat full of ticks lumps of wood grass etc.  Took it to the vets this morning.  IT HAD A CHIP. Owners lost it 3 months ago from San Juan, Alicante.  How did it get to a field in Nieves? Who knows but now back with its owner. Picked up black kitten with dodgy back leg.  Ligament damage but as its so young vet thinks it will recover well. Its on pain killers in my shed so if anyone wants to nurse a black kitten for a while let me know.  One of our fosterers has adopted the dog she has been caring for so Pepe has a permanent home. Good result.  The down side today is about a dog that was taken in last a couple of weeks ago.  To cut a long story short this dog had no chip. It attacked any other dog it came in contact with and then had a go at the lady trying to deal with it. We cannot home an aggresive dog so the carer reluctantly took it to the vets and he advised it be put to sleep as such a dog should not be wandering the streets.  Unfortunately the person who probably owned it has returned home and is naturally upset about this.  We can not be sure it is the same dog but cleary possibly is. To put it mildly he has been very abusive to me and followed up with nuisance phone calls. I have tried to arrange a meeting and given him the vets number but to no avail.  So a stressful day in some ways and joy in another. Off to vets again in the morning as Whiskey and Jake need follow up treatment.

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