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With 2 of our volunteers we went to Cereco to have a look round and see for ourselves what the system is.  Well the actual centre itself is strictly a holding centre. Not good really in there. They stay there 10 days, a few are adopted from there. Then a selection procedure takes place where the lucky ones are picked to go to the adoption centre. Once there they are well cared for, vaccinated, chipped and eventually homed.  How many can be homed of course depends on the public.  So far this year they have homed 98 dogs from therew with a further (Unknown to me) number homed from the holding centre.  Last year they had 2,000 dogs through the holding centre.  This year is set to be well above that.  Clearly a lot have to be put to sleep.  This is carried out in a humane way, the same as the vets.  Bottom line is that since the adoption centre opened a year ago some dogs have been homed that would not have been so there is a great deal of love and effort by the staff but it is difficult to understand why the warehouse is half empty but the cages are crammed with dogs.  One of our ladies actually took 2 kittens from a man who brought them to the gate.  Only about 2 weeks old so she is going to bottle feed them.  A podenco we picked just yesterday has been homed by a local farmer so some good today.

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