I don't like Mondays....

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After such a busy weekend I was hoping to do some things at home and some work on Monday but oh no ... the dogs had a different idea. After feeding walking and loving Sandy (see front page URGENT appeal) I had a call from Muriel who helps re-home dogs in Belgium about 2 puppies in a bad way in La Romana. So off we go, Paula, Julie and I and meet Muriel and we go in search. We caught them (2 pretty girls) but I have never ever seen ticks like it. Ticks on top of ticks and everywhere! Trip straight to the vet (lots of vomit in the car and almost on Paula) and antibiotics and some tick treatment and back to my house for some rest. That nearly cost my marriage but heh hoh the pups were safe. Then it was Julie off to the urb to catch the young german sheperd cross that had been wandering for a couple of days. Caught him and got him to a safe foster home and THEN back to Sandy who needed some more love and attention....Monday was a write off. Dogs are all safe though!

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