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well....cat trouble has grown. We were donated 20 euros towards getting a lovely tame cat in the village of frailes steralised and I promised to do it when back from hols. Returned from hols to 9 dogs in a field and a crisis so took me 10 days to go to 28 (the restaurant) and ask where the cat was. Spoke to Gina who told me the minute she saw it she would put it in a cat box for me and call. Thought I had done my duty! Turns out the cat has had kittens and has been living near and going into Bar Redz. It had an absess and had to go to the vets so ria and sam from Bar Redz took it and I then got involved with when it would be sterlised. Turns out as well that dogs at large were also involved and it has all got very complicated. Anyway cat to be checked tomorrow for feline leukemia if it has it then she has to go to sleep if not we will sterlise her.  Puppies Pinky and Perky gone to their new foster mum muriel. Sandy, Rooney and a small spanish dog all had to get innoculated yesterday morning. Car boot with Colin this morning we got rained on but made about 100euros.....

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