Colin 3rd July

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Yesterday recovered a lovely small black/white dog from under bins at Tolomo.  Reported by several people as being there for a few days.  Well nourished and not in bad shape so possibly lost. Terrie washed and groomed it and now looks lovely, we will put up some posters re this one. This morning picked a small terrier up. Bit thin, matted and many ticks when found. Lady who found it cleaned it up before I collected. No chip of course so being looked after by Sam.  Our vet is trying to get us a second hand chip machine to save all the trips to check for chip. Hes hoping to get it for free. Good man.  The Great Dane, Merlin(Blue) has gone to a new home. Terrie was keeping him but following the story in the paper she was contacted by a couple. After meeting with them etc she thought the dog would be better off with them so hes gone to a home  further south.

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