Colin 12th July

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A bit late with this but some good things on Saturday.  Best of all, Rufus has been homed with a couple from Frailies who are used to dogs and big dogs in particular so I am very happy. Had him about 3 months so quite attached to him but a great result for him.  Met a couple in La Romana who want to help and foster a small dog. Also do car boots for us so very welcome they are. Away for hols but from August a small dog will have a nice foster home. Did a bit of moving dogs around at weekend as some had to be moved for various reasons. Still touch wood all peacefull for a couple of days. There was a Queen tribute night at Monte Alto in Nieves on Friday, the organiser held a raffle and raised 50e for us. Great stuff.  Dave and Sue Sparks had a party at their house and collected 117e for us from their guests on Saturday night. Great as well, a lot of caring people out there. Newsletter almost done, just waiting for Spanish translation then off to the printers.  Ticket sales are slow for Saturdays Barbeque night at Finca Rest. so anyone thinking of going please let us know ASAP

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