Colin 5th August

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Sorry it has been a while since I last rambled. Visitors and I have been in the UK for a while.  For anyone who knows them I went with Dave Pill to take their 6 dogs back in a camper van. Then needed a few days in the welsh mountains to recover, help Dave with garden and get spoilt by Sue. We are overun with dogs at the moment 21 we have. We are having to take anymore to the pound. We dont want to but just have no choice. It is of course not helped by time of year. People are not seeking to take new dogs so the system is blocked up.  We have possible homes in the next month for 4 dogs with people moving to the area. I have picked up our 1000 newsletters from the printers. They are going to be distributed over the next few days.  Really hope we get some volunteers as we cannot carry on with just Sam and me doing all the pick up and running about.  Also fosterers and permanant homes needed badly. In theory the newsletter should be read by thousands of people across the valley so if this doesnt work!!!.  Peter and Hazell raised 100e at her birthday party so thanks to them. We have received £50 via paypal (Got to get it set up yet) from a couple in England who were upset to see the state of dog care here. Thanks to them as well.  Also to 3 people who have given us bags of small change. It all adds up and any more is welcome. I dont mind counting it.

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