Colin 15th August

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Went to car boot at Salinas with Sam.  We made a very good 130e so worth the effort this time.  We are going to go to one down on the coast in the next week or two. We have 5 dogs to sort out tomorrow. 3 adults and 2 puppies. Nowhere to take any of them, all fosterers full, cant afford kennels so will have to look at taking them to the sanctuary. We may find somewhere for the puppies but they are the ones with the best chance at the sanctuary. problems or what.  Sam has to go and take pictures of 3 dogs in Aspe. Someone returned to England and left the dogs in the yard. Neighbours are doing their best but they have to go. All we can do is put them on the website.  Can be sole destroying this task. So many dogs and not enough people to look after them.

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