Colin 16th August

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A busy day. First over to kennels to pick up a dog rescued last night after it fell into a swimming pool, no water in it.  The dog looked in a poor way, hardly able to stand and an obvious injury.  Had to carry him into the vets. Also had to take another dog found on Saturday afternoon at the local garden centre.  Lola had been looking after it and wanted to keep it if it did not have a chip. So I am carrying one with the other on the lead. When I put the dog down it began bleeding.  The well dog was obviously well looked after but had no chip. However as incredible as it seems a couple in the waiting room told Salvador they thought the dog was one lost by their friend on Saturday. Yes it proved to be the owner was reunited with the dog.  The poorly dog, a middle aged bretton spanial, possibly hunting dog. This is even more amazing. It was chipped to someone in Catalunia. Dog left on drip all day and after various drugs I collected it tonight. it looks a lot better. Vet believes he has been attacked by another dog or possibly a fox. he is now back at the kennel as I have no one who could look after him. Dave and Jean are delighted to have him back and he could not be in better hands. There for one or two nights whilst efforts are made to trace owner. 1 amazing doggie stories in one day. This afternoon I took a kitten from Terries to a lady who fell for it straight away so cat homed. Tomorrow another dog to pick up. Busy times.

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