Long time no update...22nd August

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we have been so busy I have struggled to write a blog lately. Not sure where to start. Last week had a puppy delivered to my house and it went to colin then marianne for foster. We had someone view tom and jerry, said they were going to have them we were all so happy but then changed their minds. The couple that were going to adopt sandy, well tragedy there, the husband passed away suddenly, sandy remains in kennels. There is a hopeful new owner but they have to buy here first! I have a little podenco at my house that only comes out from under the car to eat she is so scared. Tanni is back with me causing havoc with lottie (and eating my rugs) we have been asked to help with 3 dogs been abandoned by their owners in a garden and have a couple of possibles for them (after contacting the UK and some organisations there) we have taken two puppies to ELDA and colin had to take 2 more younger dogs there the other day.....we are skint and get calls every day. So in a nutshell BUSY. Still no extra volunteers we are really hoping to get some new people on board soon. Over and Out...

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