Colin 23rd August

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Some good news. We have homed Sadie. A couple from La Romana have a dog that could be Sadies brother so they thought she would make a good companion. (Sadie to be steralised shortly) So very busy I did around 400k last week running dogs to vets, picking up new ones etc. I really do need help with the running around.  I did home 2 cats during the week as well.
Driving along other morning when I passed a baby owl sat by the side of the road, oh well bird rescue. Too young to fly but looked in perfect shape so goodness knows how it got there. Took it to Terries who has the contacts etc. She phoned the own sanctuary at Alicante etc. They are protected so you have to inform the authorities if you find one. Already 2 calls to attend this morning (Its 8am). Stanley needs the vet and someone has found a dog at Frailies.  Need a quiet week, hardly been home for days.  Sam and I went with some stuff to the auction last night with some stuff and raised 54e. Every bit helps.

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