Colin 11th September

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Went to the 70's night at Monte Alto in Nieves last night.  Saw a lot of people I know and nice to see them. The ladies from Belgium were there and I met Bridgett for the first time.  She is the lady who set up and runs the Belgium dog homing site. Lovely ladies all of them.  Doing another car boot in the morning so up early and away to Selinas.  Not taking any clothes this time, just books and bric a brac so that will be a dissapointment to the Moroccans! (If you have been you will know what I mean)  Tickets going reasonably for next Saturday.  Seems very hard to get the Brits interested and them animal lovers.  About 200 at the do last night for a very small meal etc.  We are struggling to get 100. I know its 20e but more food good entertainment and there is a good cause to support. Thank goodness for the Dutch and Belguim people who will make up a fair minority on the night. Time yet though there is often a late surge for tickets.

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