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Hondon Valley Animal Rescue Annual General Meeting

Held Monday 10th October, 2016 at Destiny Restaurant, Hondon de las Nieves.

Meeting opened 19.00 hrs

Committee Members Attending

Colin Buck President

Susan Hinton Secretary

Wendy Dengate Treasurer

Carol Rees Membership Secretary


Members in attendance




Presidents Address

The past twelve months has seen the charity progress and recover well from the trauma of the previous year. The committee has remained unchanged for most of that period. Our Vice president left us almost twelve months ago. The remaining committee members decided to continue and have dealt well with just the four posts filled.

We have seventy-three members so far for this year, many renewals but several new members. As we expected this is slightly down on last year but as many of you will know some of those who joined last year had reasons other than to support us!

The reason why we exist of course is to rescue and re-home the dogs who need our help. Figures for the twelve months are :

Rescued, a total of 77 dogs

Homed 44

Reunited with owners 12

Taken to Elda 3

Died 5 (4 pups and one adult)

We have 13 in care.

There are three aspects that have to work to allow us to operate. They are as they have always been, finding foster homes, finding permanent homes and raising the money to treat and keep the dogs whilst we have them.

We never have enough fosterers so it is sometimes necessary to put dogs into commercial kennels. We have made frequent use of Marilyn and Alan's kennels in La Romana and to a lesser extent Milan's in Abanilla. We have four regular and dedicated fosterers in Krysia, Brian, Steve and Kay and new recruits, Geoff and Joyce, and Jane. We are advertising widely to try and recruit more fosterers.

In an effort to find permanent homes we have a Facebook page and web sites that are maintained for us by Hans Hendricks, he also takes our photographs so of course another valued member of the team. We also advertise our dogs on various other sites that cover many parts of Europe as well as locally and the UK. Indeed a fair percentage of the dogs do go abroad.

Raising money is as always a constant challenge but as you will hear shortly from the treasurer one we have met with great success this past year. Our shop has been the source of the biggest part of the money raised. We have held other events such as coffee mornings, fun nights, dog walks and a dog show. We have received donations from various individuals and some from local businesses as a result of being the chosen charity of the Hondon Frailes web site. We have tried to hold a dinner dance but support was not forthcoming so we have realised it is better to have small and obviously cheaper events.

Some months ago we took the decision to move from our shop, we had occupied for nearly six years, to a much larger one in a better location. This was made possible by the landlord reducing the rent considerably to a level only slightly above what we had been paying. The landlord has been very helpful in giving us a month to get the place ready and donating some shop units so we are very grateful to them. There followed several weeks of work to carry out decorating and fitting out the premises. We would like to place on record our thanks to local tradesmen, George the plumber/electrician, Colin the builder, Paul the plasterer. Several people gave varying amounts of time, most notably Steve Lane and Sue Pill who worked most days for some weeks. To them and all the others we say many thanks. The shop was opened on the 3rd September. It has been a huge success, far exceeding our expectations. In the first month of operations our takings were three times those of the old shop. There are now twenty volunteers who play some part in the running of the shop. Their enthusiasm has been tremendous, all working together to make our old and many new customers feel welcome. Since moving we have seen many new customers of all nationalities using the shop both to buy and donate goods.

You will hear that we have a very good bank balance. This will protect us from unforeseen events and give us scope for future projects. For example some of you will know Danny from the vets. He and others have started a charity based around Aspe but including this area. We met with Danny and had a meeting at the town hall a few months ago. The council are prepared to donate some land for the purpose of building kennels. We have considered this but there are problems with the amount of finance required and then of course the day to day running that would require lots of volunteers. We have said if Danny could advance such a project we would consider helping financially if we were in a position to do so. Whatever happens the money we have will in some way go to the purpose it was intended for, namely helping the animals in the Hondon Valley.

Our President has acquired a large van which now makes it possible to collect items of furniture which have been well received in the shop.

We have not yet finalised an events calendar for the coming year. We do intend to do a bi-monthly coffee morning. There will be smaller social evenings, a dog walk and a dog show. Brian Baggerley is organising at least one treasure hunt with part of the proceeds coming to us.

Treasurers Report

First of all Thanks to all the shop staff and committee who have supported me to make the changes to our accounting systems. We now have a fully receipted system of money movement and all receipts and payments go through the bank making them fully transparent. Each month I have published the accounts on our web page and a copy is always available at the shop for everyone to see where the money is coming from and to. I guess everyone is happy with this as I have not had a single question come my way.

My first task was to change banks and this we did allowing us to save on bank charges.

The total income from 1st Oct 2015 to 30th Sept 2016 was €30,245 nearly 20k was generated through the shop and the remainder was events and personal donations and collection boxes.

The total Expenditure for the year was €26,140. This was made up by €8003 in vets bills, €3897 for foster care and cost of kennelling. €5551 has gone on rent and we are currently 2 months in advance on the new shop. €18, bank charges which we no longer incur. €1366 was spent on mobile telephone and insurance on shop. These are 2 items which I hope to improve on next year and hope we can get a better deal on. Under the heading ´Other´ came things like Electricity bills, a new steamer for the shop and the cost of purchase of items that we then sell in the shop.

2952 went in tax and IVA. This changed in April when after much research and negotiation it was agreed that as a charity we no longer needed to pay IVA on sales in the shop. We do still pay taxes on the cost of renting the shop.

The move to the new shop cost us a total of €1174 mostly on the new rails we now have, the rest on decoration and furniture to kit the shop out. The move has proved very beneficial in its first month and showed an increase of 200% from our average of €1200 a month to €3600. While I expect this to reduce back in due course I hope the popularity of the new shop and location continues. This has certainly been evident in the large increase of Spanish, Dutch and Belguim customers.

I can confirm that apart from some printing ink not a single member has claimed any personal expenses or travel expenses.

We started the year with just over 7K in the bank and close the year with €11265. My thanks go to everyone who has supported us this year.

These accounts have not been audited as Pedro at Banco Sabedell had family problems. I will re-arrange audit soonest and send out report to members and put on website. Apologies, as this was out of my control.

Re-Election of Committee Members

Colin Buck - President

Proposer - Steve Munn Seconded - Barbara C


Susan Hinton - Secretary

Proposer - Sonya Munn Seconded - Krysia Brown


Wendy Dengate - Treasurer

Proposer – Marion Barrett Seconded - Steve Munn


Carol Rees – Membership Secretary

Proposer – Wendy Dengate Seconded - Carol Sellers


Members were invited to ask any questions on the proceedings or make any comments. Items that were raised were :

A wish to see advertising in Costa Blanca News, A monthly newsletter to be posted in the shop,

Forthcoming events – Pre-Christmas Lunch for all members and volunteers on 16th Dec at Buena Vida Restaurant.

A presentation of a picture was then mad to Colin Buck for all his continuing hard work and flowers to Lynn for her support.


Meeting ended at 19.50 hrs






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