Colin 17th September

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Had a call from a lady yesterday about a dog and 4 puppies living in her garden. She was feeding them but could not catch them. I went up this morning. She had captured 2 of the pups and had them in her bathroom. I picked one up which bit me on both hands, peed and did the other on me. My fault really should have had my gloves on. Once properly clad I managed to remove one of the distraught puppies. The other got out of the room and was away.  Then had to get the other 2 from under some pallets. Not easy but with the help of a saw they were captured. No chance of catching mum so off I went to Elda with the 3 pups, about 8 weeks old i guess. Half way there the lady called and said they had found the other one.  So on my way back from Elda picked that one up. It has most of its fur missing so I went to the vets after calling at home to shower and change. Vet has no idea what caused puppy to lose its coat. Samples taken for tests and frontline to kill all the numerous fleas on it. Also anti biotics. A week before the results of tests known so I had to bring puppy home and put it in my pound. It ate lunch and seemed less stressed. Went to give it tea and it has somehow managed to escape. First dog to do this. Must have managed to push through small area at bottom of fence. Extensive searches by me and my dogs failed to find it so I fear it has gone for good but I willkeep looking in the area.  The lady gave a very generous donation for which I am of course very grateful.  In spite of great efforts by her we could not catch mummy so she is getting someone to give it food until she returns. She left for UK today.  Had a donation from a lady yesterda, 25e. When I visited her she took me to her friends who gave me their change jar which contained 90e so a good day for donations.  Dinner Dance tomorrow. Pleased to report 90 paying customers booked in.

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