Colin 28th September

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A mixed bag of news today. But first has to be the good, good, good news. We have our registration. We are now a legal charity No CV-01-046410-A. It has taken exactly six months but unknown to me it is backdated to 5th July so we could have had them tins out earlier. Oh well next week it will be. The not so good news. The lady who took Barney on Saturday brought him back on Monday. She said he was a lovely boy but was so possesive of her he would not let her own dog come to her. Such a shame, he just wants to be loved I suppose. Will have to find him a home where he is the only dog or someone who knows how to deal with a situation like this. More good news. We have been given 2 virtually new mountain bikes along with helmets for the auction of 24th October.  Over half way to my 100 items.

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