Colin 6th October

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Well back from a rather dissapointing weekend in England, Weather poor, grandaughter was ill and just clung to mummy and I picked up her cold. Waited an hour to get through passport control at Stanstead. At Alicante it was 10 minutes from landing to leaving the airport. It does make you wonder.  Sparky is very happy with his new owners on the coast. Sandy was homed today with a dutch couple. I have also received some auction items and more to collect tomorrow and Saturday.  Rex is going for the operation on his knee ligament of Friday. He will be immobile for about a month but then will be a 'new' dog (I hope) Costing a fair bit but he is worth the money.  We are going to have another dog show at my house. Full details will appear on events page but it will be Nov. 14th.  Just putting together next newsletter.  We had celebration lunch today to mark the charity status. Went to bank to put our account in HOVAR name only to discover I have only done half the job!  I now have to get the organisation registered with the tax people. Oh well another hurdle. How long this time. We are legal and can collect money in tins etc but have to get the tax number even though we wont have to pay tax. Took some photos today of 2 dogs abandoned by their english owner at Dave and Jeans kennels.  One, a Dalmation should be OK but the other is a 6 year old little terrier lad who may be a problem to home. They will be on website tomorrow.

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