Colin 7th October

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Just back from the vets after picking up Rex after his operation. Poor lad he cried all the way home. I settled him under the desk and away from the other dogs.  Silly boy is trying to follow me around and crying with the pain. So I have to sit here so he can sleep. Hes eaten some food though. Pain killers for the next few days.  When hes crying I wonder if it was worth it but be positive once he's healed up he will be running like a dog should. We homed another dog this morning, a puppy german shepherd type. We have only had him 3 days so never made it onto the site.  However another one has. George who is surely lost by someone in Frailies.
Tomorrow I am going to sell some stuff (Hopefully) at the auction in Pinoso. Then to pick up a good amount of stuff from someone in La Romana. Picked some things up today. Some nice items for my 24th Oct Auction. A lovely new mirror with pictures at the side among them Thanks to all contributers of course.

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