Colin 8th October

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Rex has made amazing progress today. This morning he was crying when I lifted him outside. By tonight he insisted on going on a short walk on his 3 good legs.  He is on pain killers but still I am very surprised how well he is managing.  We picked up a poor looking alsation (Yes another one) today from Macisvenda. People had been trying to catch it for a couple of weeks but finally Terrie captured it. In a poor state with ticks etc, thin and frightened. Apparantly a local family moved away a few weeks ago and just left her wandering. She has obviously had pups sometime. Been treated fed etc and staying in a pen until Monday to see the vet. Lots of Alsation and similar dogs around at the moment. Took some stuff to the Pinoso auction this afternoon. Find out tomorrow how it went. Oicked up a lot of nice stuff this afternoon from a lady in Alcana. Several items for my auction in that lot. Also got some advertising revenue for the newsletter so  a good feeling day. Weather forecast for tomorrow not good so a day sorting out some stuff I think.

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