Colin 12th October

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A  long day. Picked the first dogs up at 0930 to take for the steralisation. Lot of running around and waiting around. Got home at 1900. My dogs thought they had been deserted.  Still lots of cats and dogs done so worth it really. The bank account has taken a big hit so roll on the auction. Aquired 3 new dogs today.  Met a lady at the steralising who had been feeding a little dog that had been running in the campo for weeks. It had had puppies which had all died. It was pregnant again. She had arranged with dogs at large to have it done today.  Only problem was she could not take it home so I was asked to take. I have of course. Now nice and warm in kennels until we see what we can do with it. 2 more dogs picked up on the main road at Barbarroja. Again had been running around for some time. Finally caught. Finder is able to keep for two weeks before they go back to UK. So have to find something to do with them then. More fosterers required as always. So solved some problems and gained some others but that will always be the same I suspect. Have to go tomorrow afternoon and try and get two puppies and mummy who are hiding in a large hole in the Campo. Strong gloves I think. Gill is helping me thank goodness. Of to airport soon. My wife is returning from a week in UK. I have cleaned up a bit but being away all day was not good timing. Hope she forgives me!

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