Colin 14th October

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Spent 3 hours yesterday afternoon trying to catch mummy and 2 puppies. A dog appeared a few days ago at a house house on the way to Alguena. Wendy gave it some food and of course it returned. They caught it and realised it had probably recently had pups. Some following and detective work led to the discovery of pups, probably 2 in a deep hole in the hillside. Myself and Gill went to try and get them but could only get Mummy and one pup. Various things were tried but puppy 2 would not come out and hole far too small to get into.  Eventully left with Wendy who managed to coax them out today. Now in my pen. Puppies maybe 4 weeks so leave with mummy for a while. Then have to find homes etc.  Picked up 3 lots of car boot/auction stuff today. Some nice items for the sale. Sam spoke to a couple who want 2 big dogs, yes 2 bless them. She has shown them all our big dogs and we await a decision. Taking someone to look at Tanni tomorrow morning, the most adorable dog, surely they will fall in love with her. We shall see.

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