Colin 15th October

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A mixed bag at the moment. Some dogs going and some coming. First the goings.  The lady who looked at Tanni today wants her and will collect tomorrow. Most lovely natured girl (the dog that is, dont know the lady tat well). She is going to be the only dog in the house to be most spoiled. The couple who looked at large dogs yesterday are having Bonzo and one other, they are still deciding. Jessie who Terri picked up last week is going to her new home tomorrow. Delighted to say the Leishmania test was negative. She just needs loving care to build her up. The comings are of course mum and 2 puppies I mentioned yesterday. A young dog I have to collect in the morning from Terri and the two large ones Sue is looking after until next week. So more in than out but movement thats the main thing.  The 2 puupies are about 5/6 weeks so just about ready. I have given them some junior food, They had a little and can drink water.  On of my neighbours might take one. Get them first vaccination and wormed then ready for off if anyone wants a pup. Mother is medium size but what daddy is who knows. Going down Guadarmar way Sunday to a car boot sale. A bit of a trail but maybe sell a bit. We shall see.

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