Colin 18th October

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Busy day. A total of seven dogs taken to vets. Rex had his stiches out. Poor boy, i told him it woulnt hurt but a few of the stiches were stuck so he wasent happy. 3 puppies had first injections. 3 adult dogs had vaccinations. The money just runs away on days like this. The two dogs Gill took on Saturday are settled with her. Both lovely girls, Vet thinks Sapphire is about 3/4 months and Lola about 18 months.  The dog picked up yesterday from the Finca estate is a lovely German Shephard about 9 months old. He sits on command, likes the car and is good with people so has had a home so maybe a lost rather that abandoned. Anyone know anyone around the Finca estate who has lost similar dog? I was in the vets with 3 dogs when a neighbour rang to say someone has put a puppy in her garden. She is keeping it tonight. My first job for tomorrow. The forecast for the weekend is good thank goodness.

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