Colin 24th October

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Well what a good day. The weather was perfect for the auction. A lot of people attended and 40 different buyers paid 862e for the 110 lots on display.  Way beyond my expectations. Also a profit of 220e on the food and drink and 75e on book and card sales so a grand total of 1157e. And someone paid 20e for a rarer specalist book so what a great result. We thank you all who have given the items over the past several months. Of course many thanks to the buyers and Peter, Pauline and Dave who gave their time and much effort for free to conduct the auction on our behalf. My thanks also to Judy, Gill, Stu, Elizabeth and Sarah for their invaluable help. The committee thanks you all. The icing on the cake was we also homed one of our puppies. Down side today is Rex has an infection in his repaired leg so had to dash off to vets soon as auction over for pain killers etc. Poor dog yelping in agony soon as you touch him. Back to vets tomorrow with him

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