Colin 29th October

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Hectic today. Been out on the road for 6 hours. This morning to Bayon to look at a cat with a bad leg. Then to see a lovely couple who wanted help on what to do with a dog that has moved into their garden. I think they may keep it and passport it but thinking about it.  Then to Sams to collect a lot of car boot stuff. Home and started to sort it. Off to kennels to take Jessie to be looked at . She has skin allergy then picked up the cat seen earlier. Leg not broken but had jabs. Got back in 7pm and then got call re a puppy found in the road near Nieves. It is now asleep at my feet. But just nowhere to take it. Already got 3 jobs for tomorrow but someone looking at Nancy tomorrow so fingers crossed for her Good job not everyday is a s busy but more and more days seem to be.

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