Colin 29th October

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Well what a hectic but good day. I set off at 9 this morning to pick up a hunting dog from La Romaneta area. It took some finding along the worst roads I have experienced. Eventually got there. A real hunting dog, clipped ears etc.  Taken to Terri's to see if any of her farming neighbours are interested. If not will have to go to pound as we have no chance of homing this one.. This afternoon met a couple who have taken Nancy and they are willing to foster 2 large dogs. Heaven sent people as we have 2 large dogs who have no foster home after nexr weekend so perfect timing. Also the lady who had Nancy is willing to foster our new puppy from last night. Then met a Spanish couple who wanted to look at our Alsations. With Jeans help we have homed Dennis. They have a big plot and I actually pass their house regularly. I am welcome to call anytime and visit Dennis.  The icing on the cake was one of my neighbours who came tonight and adopted one of Lindeys puppies.  On top of all that I have had an offer from someone to pay most if not all of the rent on a shop for 12 months.  So off next week to Nieves town hall to see if it is possible, what it costs, whats required and to see if there are any likely premises. Not getting too excited about it as we all know about the problems here of getting something like this sorted. But at least its possible thanks to the generosity of one person.  All in all one of the better, no probably the best day we have had.

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