Colin 1st November

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Another busy day. 2 dogs collected and no chips. Both little dogs, appealing so theres a good chance for them. Nancy was taken by her new owners. Julie had half an hour before I arrived with the new dog for her to foster. Great to have such people willing to help us and more importantly the dogs.  Then went to see a couple who had found a little dog in Bayon. No chip of course. They are going to keep the dog but spend half the year in England. we are helping them with the passport procedure and they are going to kennel the dog for 3 months before returning for 3 months by which time the passport will be ready. Lovely to see people who will do this.  We are also starting the passport procedure for 2 other dogs. They will remain available to home but if we still have them in 6 months they have homes in the UK.  Going to Nieves Town Hall in the morning to submit application re shop licence. Then to vets with 4 dogs for vaccinations.

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